Call for Asia/Pacific region meetup organizers to make video relay

Next month I will speak at WordCamp Denpasar! In this session, I’d like to introduce local meetups in Asia/Pacific region by short video relay. I’m sorry for the short notice, but If you have a plan to organize meetup until 13 November, Please join in!

How to make subtitle for from shorthand data.

These days I & Jessica are working for making subtitle of State of the Word by Matt Mullenweg. [amara url= width=480]   This year we asked WCUS Organizers to give us a shorthand data which used for a big display next to the stage and live streaming. So we can just fill some blank and correct some words which caption maker missed. Here […]

Oyako-don lunch with WordPress folks

Had a great time with WordPress friends… 😆 I forgot to discuss about why I couldn’t see Streak badge with Jetpack plugin! 😳 おいしかったね〜 — Mayo✈️wctokyo🗼まゆまゆ (@mayukojpn) September 8, 2015

Three best easy English karaoke songs both travelers and locals know

Karaoke is the most interesting activity for foreign traveler to Japan. Their hosts are expected to chose songs which everyone knows and can sing, dance and been exciting. from that point of view, I will write a list of three best songs with easy English that Japanese hosts can sing and having actual positive result […]

David Beckham is in Siem Reap!

Professional soccer player David Beckham uploaded his photo at Angkor Wat at his Instagram! At Siem Reap Expats and Local Community people says someone saw him at Angkor What bar, or some restaurant, and he would be still in SiemReap. Amazing day in Cambodia visiting the Angkor Wat temple …. One of the most beautiful places in the world […]

WP security measures you can do today! – WordPress Meetup Tokyo

Today we had WordPress Meetup Tokyo! This is a monthly based WordPress meetup in English language. Today we learned about security with using WordPress. Toru 先生の WordPress セキュリティ講座なう! 森山 真祐子さんの投稿 2015年5月22日 This time Toru spoke with the slide. That explained basic but important security things and tied with simple slides and words. Mmm he is professional slide maker everytime… Slide is […]