Three best easy English karaoke songs both travelers and locals know

Karaoke is the most interesting activity for foreign traveler to Japan.

Their hosts are expected to chose songs which everyone knows and can sing, dance and been exciting.

from that point of view, I will write a list of three best songs with easy English that Japanese hosts can sing and having actual positive result with my experience with foreign guests. Remember these when you go to karaoke in Japan with both foreigners and locals!

* It’s based on my experience with male guests from U.S. Australia and Europe. The list might be change if you go with woman or people from other parts.

No.3 Dancing Queen

Everyone loves ABBA!!! Anyway everyone can sing!

The mood is disco and everyone can dance. Its speed is not fast then I recommend it for people who is not good for speaking English. I heard that song is favorite of Japh’s daughter.

I also recommend other ABBA’s song!

No.2 Sweet rock ballad “Heaven”

This song is my personal favorite….. I like that kind of “too” sweet song. 🙈 I’m not sure if that song is famous or not but anyway we sang it twice and came alive twice! We joined shoulders each other and felt piece…!

I also recommend “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”.

No.1 Everyone loves the Beatles! “Let it be”

Everyone absolutely knows that song. Simple and beautiful and peaceful lyric.先週みんなで歌ったときには間奏部分でエアギターしたり、スキャットしたりして盛り上がりました。他にもビートルズの曲はほとんどオススメなので、こちらもビートルズの曲がいっぱい入った映画「アクロス・ザ・ユニバース」とかを見るとお気に入りがみつかるかも!

Extra info: These were not good….

  • latest pops in English
  • Idol song in English
  • Let it go from Frozen. Only Japanese shouted and were excited.
  • Gangnam style. that song is cool but Japanese people can’t speak Korean language. That dance is impressive but not easy for everyone.

Come to Japan to sing Karaoke!!!!

Did you find your favorite songs on the list? Let me know your favorites as well 😆 WordCampers from all over the world, don’t hesitate to come to Japan and let’s go with us to karaoke and some exciting place!

We might be able to sing with legendary plugin author, Miyoshi!!!


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